Critter's Lodge ~ An Aviation Preserve  

Fly-in postponed until May 7, 8, & 9 due to weather








                                                                             Join us in our overnight Fly-in and Camp Out!!   The event will begin on Friday evening, May 7, 2021 at 6:30 pm.  For those who like to camp out we offer indoor restrooms, NO PORT-O-LETS, solar outdoors showers, firewood, Wi-Fi, and LOTS OF GOOD FOOD for the fly-in.  Trailer/RV parking with available hook-ups $20.00.  No RV/trailers over 40 feet allowed. We also offer limited parking spaces for $5.00 each along a long runway on a first come basis.  Also we offer 20+ Acres of pasture area for camping/parking FREE.  To make a Reserved parking Space contact us at or call 903-536-7000/7004 hangar.  Please leave a message if there is no answer.
 Critter's Lodge is located on the Houston Sectional Chart near the 30 degree radial out of Leona identified as "Dillard Airport" (TE01).  Runway is Packed turf, 3,100 foot lighted runway, elevation 255 ft.  We MONITOR 122.9  ~ Land and taxi at your own risk, trees on both sides and end of runway. The runway is suitable for piston driven aircraft 12,500 pounds or less. Taxi and follow signage to proper parking area to avoid back taxi. taxi and park in mowed areas only.

If you have an unusual aircraft (warbird, etc) or would like to locate near a special friend(s) please let us know in advance. We will do all we can to help to accommodate you.                      

To contact us please call   903-536-7004 Hangar or 903-536-7000 Home 



                                        We  Support  EAA – AOPA – CAP – ABS

   Leona VOR 110.8  032 degrees~15 nm  Lat. N31 – 18.27  Lon. 95 – 47.71


Visual Flying Note:  If you follow Hwy 7 between Crockett and Centerville, at intersection of the Trinity River and Hwy. 7, airfield is 6.5 miles west.  Look for  499’ tower, right side, See sectional chart.  Turn south one-half nm.  Both runways left hand traffic.  Runway 3100', 70' wide.  Tree-to-tree 100 feet. Taxi only in mowed identified areas.  For  safety ALL aircraft must have radio contact with controller prior to entering pattern.



Critter's Lodge has a beautiful grass, lighted runway, located near Centerville, Texas.  Wendell Dillard is continuing to develop the property to incorporate the rough and rustic pioneer enviroment that can be enjoyed by aviation friends on special occasions.  For information on private camping and the facilities, Call us  903-536-7000 Home  or  903-536-7004 Hangar.  Please leave message if no answer we will be happy to call you back.